Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I think I messed this up last time......

I just got my Australian Mobile Number... I get free international incoming calls... so feel free to call... text..... or leave a voicemail...
but remember I am 13Hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time!

My Mobile Phone Num is.... 431 814 595
but I think from the US, you have to dial (011 61) before it....
so lets refresh... its (011-61) 431-814-595

Worried that might cost to much?
I also have a toll free voicemail thingy you can call... not exactly sure how good it works, but these are the instructions it gave me
Darren 's ContactMe Card
To leave me a message while I'm away: Dial this access number
Press 2
Enter my account number 7211219070876
then press #
And leave me a message.
Hope those work out... looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hey I Got Pictures!!!!!!!

Hey I finally got my pictures uploaded to my computer and to the internet!!!
Instead of posting them all on here, I put them in a photo album on Yahoo
Heres the address.....

Leave me some comments and let me know what ya think... Eventually i'll get around to putting descriptions with them... Keep in mind all those pics are from my travels to NZ... I havn't taken any Australia pictures yet!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

14,000 Feet above the earth, Darren Canejo gets thrown out of an Airplane... You thought I was kidding right? WRONG!!!!!!!!! Definatly almost cried as I endoured 45 seconds of freefall as plunged towards earth.... Luckily after the parachute opened I was aloud to take out my camera and snap some photos!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In New Zealand!!!!!!

Hey everyone... I finally got a chance to get this thing started...
As of right now I'm in New Zealand preparing myself for the SkyDive i'm going to be doing tomorrow...
They are gonna drop us from 14,000ft over top of a glacier!!!
it'll be way more exciting than swimming with the dophins (although that was kinda scary!)

I dont' have any way to post any pictures yet, but I will soon... I heard we're aloud to take our digital cameras along for the sky dive, so I might have some sweet pictures coming!