Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hey I Got Pictures!!!!!!!

Hey I finally got my pictures uploaded to my computer and to the internet!!!
Instead of posting them all on here, I put them in a photo album on Yahoo
Heres the address.....

Leave me some comments and let me know what ya think... Eventually i'll get around to putting descriptions with them... Keep in mind all those pics are from my travels to NZ... I havn't taken any Australia pictures yet!


Blogger paula lowe said...


that is so cool, the pics are amazing, continue to send pics as you get time and have fun.

god bless

7:15 AM

Blogger bruce said...

Hey, a little less drinking ... half the pix are blurrrrred, dude! ;)

And stay away from that sheep!

7:13 AM

Blogger AsianAnne said...

You better not be cheating on your asian anne!! ;) i miss you... the pics are amazing, sooo jealous!!! and well the drunk dials are priceless. talk to you soon, love you!! ~your AA~

8:32 PM

Blogger big bro said...

Hey, a little more drinking...half the pictures are clear!! ...and why haven't I gotten any drunk dials? :) Very cool!

12:40 AM


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