Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I think I messed this up last time......

I just got my Australian Mobile Number... I get free international incoming calls... so feel free to call... text..... or leave a voicemail...
but remember I am 13Hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time!

My Mobile Phone Num is.... 431 814 595
but I think from the US, you have to dial (011 61) before it....
so lets refresh... its (011-61) 431-814-595

Worried that might cost to much?
I also have a toll free voicemail thingy you can call... not exactly sure how good it works, but these are the instructions it gave me
Darren 's ContactMe Card
To leave me a message while I'm away: Dial this access number
Press 2
Enter my account number 7211219070876
then press #
And leave me a message.
Hope those work out... looking forward to hearing from everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


wish you well, when you get time get some more pics so we can see the fun we are not having!!
take care

1:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Darren!!! I saw your pictures and they are fabulous!!! Miss you. I'm over Mom's right now using Paula's computer that is pretty much the only way I can see your website. Hope you are doing well and from the look of your pictures you are having a great time. I'm so happy that you got this opportunity. Love you, Laura

1:48 AM


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